P.O. Box 302
Oakland, CA 94604



Join our nearly 4,000 members! Membership is open to all retirees from Alameda County participating employers.
(Click here to view the list of participating employers.)

Below are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy as a member of the Retired Employees of Alameda County:

  • Representation at the Alameda County Retirement Board meetings to protect your interests and keep you informed of any changes which could affect your benefits.
  • Representation at the Alameda County Board of Supervisors’ meetings to keep you apprised of any planned changes in your benefit programs.
  • Paid lobbyists who are monitoring and sponsoring legislation pertaining to retirees’ benefits. and health care. Through the California Retired County Employees Association, REAC has been able to get several bills passed that have enhanced your benefits over the years.
  • Monthly Board of Director’s meetings are open to all members.
  • Newsletters to keep you informed of actions by local, state and federal legislators which might affect you or your future benefits. The newsletter also keeps members informed of upcoming informational programs and social events planned by the Association.
  • A constantly updated website to give you a central location to find information about the various activities sponsored by REAC and CRCEA, and the newest information about benefit programs.

Membership Dues: $2.00 per month

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