P.O. Box 302
Oakland, CA 94604

What We Do

We oversee retiree investments!

Mission Statement

Retired Employees of Alameda County (REAC) strives to improve investments and works to secure benefits.

Our purpose is to promote the common good and general welfare of Alameda County retired employees, subject to the County Employees Retirement Act of 1937, by promoting the interests of its members throughout the community by means of social, political and educational activities that advance the social welfare of such retirees.

What We Do

  • Provide a direct voice in health care benefits at the annual session with the providers and the ACERA staff.
  • Maintain active Membership in the California Retired County Employees Association (CRCEA), an organization that works for retirees statewide and in Sacramento.
  • Assist retirees and beneficiaries with any problems they might have with ACERA, including difficulties obtaining medical benefits and reimbursements,
  • Protect the Supplemental Retired Benefits Reserve (SRBR) against attempts to divert the fund from its lawful purpose of providing Cost of Living increases, Medical, Dental, and Vision plans, and other benefits to retirees and beneficiaries.
  • Provide two luncheons each year which are great opportunities to get together with friends and former co-workers.
  • Publish and send each member every month the REAC Newsletter. Click below for a Sample of the Newsletter.
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