P.O. Box 302
Oakland, CA 94604

Paul Reeves was appointed to the REAC Board in 2006 after an interview with Barbara Hallisey, who was then the Board President, and Steve Scheinman, who was then the Board Secretary.  Paul became the Board Secretary when Steve became the Board President and Paul has continued to serve as the Board Secretary since that time.

Paul was born and raised in Oakland, California.  He spent 4 years in the US Army from March 1966 through March 1970.  He was hired by the Social Services Agency in October 1970.  He began his career as a clerk I in the mailroom at 401 Broadway, which was the main office at that time.  He held numerous positions as he moved up in the Social Services Agency, retiring after 35 years, as the Director of the Workforce and Benefits Department and as an Assistant Agency Director for the Alameda County Social Services Agency.

During his time with the Social Services Agency Paul also had a passion for community service, and he volunteered to serve on the Board of Directors for the South East Asian Community Center (SEAC).  He was the SEAC Board secretary.  He also enjoyed teaching, and he taught ESL classes to the Monks at the Nagara Dhamma Temple in San Francisco.

Paul originally joined the REAC Board because he was concerned with how long the retirement benefits would last, given the many attacks on Defined Benefit pension plans.  He was quite pleased to learn that Alameda County’s retirement benefits were the best of the 37 Act Counties.  (“37 Act” refers to the County Employees Retirement Law which was passed in 1937.)

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